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Umbrella Liability Insurance 

Umbrella Liability Insurance (commonly referred to as Umbrella Insurance) is insurance protection designed to supplement your other existing liability coverages. Typically, your homeowners, renters and auto policies include a certain amount of liability protection. Umbrella policies provide additional limits of insurance coverage over and beyond those other liability policies. This additional limit of coverage is often referred to as "excess liability" coverage. It provides you with insurance limits beyond your basic policies, thus increasing your protection in the event of any bodily injury liability or property liability claims. Also, Umbrella policies are generally broader forms of coverage and include expenses such as attorney fees.

Your Umbrella policy benefits are invoked in the event that you are sued or found liable for liability damages. Once the limits of your primary policy, e.g. auto insurance, is reached, the Umbrella coverage takes over and covers the excess expenses not covered by the primary policy.

Umbrella Liability Insurance is critical as it further strengthens your protection of your assets; your home, cars, retirement accounts, investments- essentially your financial future. In today's litigious society, when it seems that people are being sued over the smallest event or incident, ensuring you have the financial resources to protect and defend yourself from such litigation is critical. Umbrella Liability Insurance provides those financial resources. Additionally, Umbrella Insurance can generally be purchased for as little as $150-$200 per million of coverage.

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